How Do We Market Your Santa Clarita Home For Sale? And What Seperates Us From Other Agents?

How Do We Market Your Santa Clarita Home For Sale? And What Seperates Us From Other Agents?

How we market your Santa Clarita Home for Sale
How we market your Santa Clarita Home for Sale

When selling your home there is one goal. To sell your home in the fastest time possible, netting you the most money possible.

The days of putting a sign up in the yard and moving on to the next listing appointment is over. The market has changed with the times and as real estate agents, we too have to not only change with them, but most importantly, stay ahead of the change.

Experts estimate that 90% of all home searches begin online.
Everyone can search for houses for sale from the comfort of their home now.
So getting your home for sale in front of those people, while still using traditional methods that have proven results, and at the same time pushing the marketing boundaries creatively, are very important in getting the desired results.

As your full-time Santa Clarita Real Estate Agents, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the marketing curve, while providing exceptional service that creates long-lasting relationships. We are extremely confident, competent, and capable of selling your home in today’s changing market.


How We Market Your Santa Clarita Home For Sale

When listing your home for sale the marketing plan is easily the most important factor in getting your home sold.

  • Innovative technology (We track all of our results to know who is viewing your property and how)
  • Optimized web presence-including premiere accounts on Yahoo, Zillow and Trulia and other Top 10 sites.
  • Target active buyers/investors in Santa Clarita
  • Within our KW family of almost 300 agents (Great properties can sell BEFORE hitting MLS)
  • Networking with other local Santa Clarita real estate companies
  • Provide weekly updates of detailed marketing efforts
  • Distribute “Just Listed” notices to neighbors (People love to “Choose their own Neighbor”)
  • Open Houses!!! Many agents loathe them, we LOVE them, because they work!
  • Guaranteed minimum 10 experienced Realtors to view property
  • Staging your home- The smallest, silliest things often stand out to buyers…eliminate these!
  • Yard sign and fliers-
  • Home photos-  Staging for photos. Many buyers first impression will be from these. Staging for this is IMPERATIVE!
  • MLS- The “Multiple Listing Service” This is how other agents and the world see your home
  • Email blasts
  • Our database-Current and past contacts that may have interest in your property
  • Virtual tour
  • Social networking- This can spark interest virally (it’s a word) as people love to share with their friends


We have designed a strategic marketing plan to boost activity to your home. The items above are some of the highlights of this targeted marketing plan, but we can’t give away all of our secrets 😉


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