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“I wish I had called you before, but I didn’t want to bother you. I know you’re busy…”
Real estate agents here this all the time. Many people feel like they shouldn’t bother the real estate agent they know, because they’re just trying to be considerate, or they simply aren’t aware of times they should call up their agent. Below are just a few of the reasons your real estate agent wants to talk to you. You won’t be bothering them even if you just have a few questions!


1. You just want to check out a house


You’re not all that serious about buying a house, but you see an open house online, and just go check it out. When you get to the house, you absolutely love it and you make an offer on the spot so you don’t lose the chance of owning your dream home. The offer gets accepted, and you immediately regret it. Or problems come up, or the process is miserable, or you don’t feel like the agent you’re dealing with is giving you great advice. Now you call the agent you know. But at this point, it’s too late. The agent you know can’t help you, and can’t even give friendly advice because you are now represneted by the agent selling the home. Even if you go see the house with another agent and don’t make an offer, but ask the agent you kow to write an offer, the agent who simply showed you the house could claim you as their client under “procuring clause”. You’re better off calling the agent you know to show you the house in the first place. You won’t be a bother.


2. You just want to know how much your home is worth


Maybe you want to know what the value of your home is, just in case you decide to sell. Nowadays, there are tons of sites online that can give you the value of your home. Right? Not exactly… Most of those online sites are automated valuations, based on things such as square footage of your home and the property it sits on. But none of those sites can go into your home and see the renovations made, the local market conditions, what’s around your home, etc. There are a great number of factors that go into valuing your home. Asking the agent you know to do an analysis and give a true market value is NOT a bother.


3. You are considering home improvements


Putting on a new addition to your home? Talk to your realtor! The last thing you would want is to spend $60,000 on renovations for your home, and only get a $35,000 increase in the value of your home. Don’t go backwards! Talk to your realtor about what improvements you are planning to make before starting them, and see where they estimate the new value of your home to be. “Bother” them before you find yourself spending more than you make in return!


“Bother” us today!!!