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Buying a new construction home is very exciting.

There are many benefits to bringing a Realtor with you on your first visit to any new construction site. What builders don’t tell you is that having a Realtor represent you does not change or affect the sale for the buyer with regards to price and incentives.

Having an informed Realtor that knows the sales agents, and knows the homes being sold can help the home buyer in understanding the new construction community.

Would you get a divorce and use your spouse’s lawyer?

A builders contract is there to protect the seller/builder and a sales agent is there to explain and represent the builder. A buyer does not have representation when signing the purchase contract. A Realtor that represents the buyer will help ask questions a buyer may not know to ask. A buyer will better understand what they are signing and what contingencies they have.

New construction offers Realtors special incentives

Home builders/Sales Agents often times will share upcoming incentives, new pricing information and upgrade options with another professional vs. the general home buyer. As full time Realtors, we visit different new construction communities so we know of any standing inventory or special deals. Full-time realtors are the ones with the clients (ie Buyers) so the new construction communities offer us incentives for us to bring our clients to their community. These, often times, will be incentive programs not offered to the “average joe” coming in off the street.

Making an informed decision!

A professional Realtor will also help you decide if that new construction site is right for you and your family or if there are resale options that compare. We will understand all the inventory available to the buyer and help the home buyer make a educated decision on if it is the right home,  the right value, and the right decision!

For a list of upcoming communities and new constructions deals contact us.