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There are a few ways you can get an estimate on your Santa Clarita home.

With all of the online websites available now, lots of people are relying on these sites to give them an estimate of their home. It is so important to get an accurate estimate which can be done by consulting with a local professional.

What is a Zestimate?

A Zestimate is a generic calculation of your home’s value based on local public records through the assessor’s office. Lots of people rely on Zillow to give them accurate estimates of their home value. It tries to find similar properties within a quarter-mile to a half-mile radius of your home and comes up with a generic figure. What most people do not realize is that it does not take into account any upgrades or enhancements your home may have. They also do not factor in if the property down the street was a foreclosure or short sale which would lower your estimate.  They aren’t necessarily considering your floor plan which might be more desirable vs a different one, or if one home has a pool and one doesn’t, or if you’re on a cul-de-sac or with a view!. This is not the best or most accurate way to figure out what your true home value is.

There are many other websites out there that do the same thing. They take generic records to factor in an estimate but do not consider important variables such as condition of property or standard sales versus short sales or foreclosures.

The best way to obtain the value of your property is to contact a local real estate agent and have them assess your home. Local matters because someone who works the area has a better understanding of location desirability, local amenities and anything that would boost your home value. In order to get the most accurate estimate, the real estate agent needs to be able to physically walk through the property to look for upgrades, unique features, backyard space, and anything else that can affect the value of the home.

Once again, contacting a Santa Clarita real estate agent can be crucial in obtaining your most accurate property value. Call Cherrie Brown & Zach McReynolds today if you would like to know the value of your Santa Clarita home! No pressure or obligation with us! (661) 312.2536