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These are the top 5 best tips when thinking about selling your home in Santa Clarita and purchasing a new one


Trying to buy a new home when you need to sell your current home is one of the trickiest things in real estate. Do you look for a new home first, or put your current home on the market first? Really this comes down to what type of market we’re in and how inventory will affect this decision.



Five really good suggestions for any market when selling your Santa Clarita home to buy a new one are:


  1. How Much Do You Qualify For On The New Home?
    Speaking with a lender upfront will be the first step. Know what costs are incorporated with selling your home to get a bottom dollar on how much you have in net equity after you sell, so you can apply that as down payment into the new purchase
  2. Packing
    Pre-packing is a great way to declutter your home. Often the buyer can get caught up in the personal items of the seller and not focus on the important aspect of the home.
  3. Have a Realtor Walk-Through the Home
    This is important for any repairs that might come up during the inspection. If we can address these items before we list, then we can eliminate the need for the buyer to try to renegotiate if any items pop up in the inspection. Every home has issues that will be pointed out during this inspection, but let’s address the simple ones early to avoid this
  4. Doing Last Minute Upgrades
    Sometimes this sounds like it’s great idea to paint a room or change carpet, and this very well could be the best idea. But, it’s great to talk to a Realtor before addressing these because certain items may not necessarily bring you the highest return and that money could be utilized in a better way. The idea is to get you the most return for your money
  5. Understanding the Current Market In Regards to Purchasing a New Home
    This will vary depending on what type of market we are in. There are contingencies in place to protect you the seller so you don’t sell your home and end up with nowhere to live. But this can affect the price that you get for your home as well. If we say the seller has a contingency to purchase a new home (HOC) then that could limit getting an offer upfront. This will vary case by case and is best to speak to a Realtor to analyze your personal scenario.