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Buying or Selling a home in Santa Clarita doesn’t just happen by chance, every step is strategic from beginning to end. There are many important steps to consider in the home buying or selling process. Addressing anything that can possibly go wrong, and making sure we prevent those from happening, can make for a smooth transaction.  Having a plan from the beginning is one of the best strategies.

When selling a home in Santa Clarita, it is imperative that we list the home on the MLS and other real estate search engines, such as zillow  and, correctly. Having professional photographs of the property will draw in buyers. For example, a buyers first impression of your home is the small thumbnail picture they see when scrolling through properties. it is important to choose the most impressive photograph of the home in this case. In addition to having top-quality photography, it is important to have all of the correct information listed, as well as a detailed description of the Santa Clarita home. This will ensure buyers interest and excitement in your property. As much as this all sounds like common sense, these are steps that are often skipped by other realtors. I’m sure you have been searching for homes and seen some unfavorable photos of properties.

Escrow can be a very complex and detailed process. it is important to identify what types of problems we can face beforehand. Will the Santa Clarita property appraise? Should you invest in fixes beforehand? Or should you wait until inspection is complete and re-negotiate? When selling your home to buy a new home, what is the backup plan if the property does not close on time? Mapping out a plan of action will help for a fast resolution if and when an issue occurs.

Having a strategic plan and identifying everything upfront can help for a smooth transaction and a pleasant experience in buying or selling a Santa Clarita home. Call us today for a strategic consultation that is best for your scenario.