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When selling your Santa Clarita home, it is important to make sure your real estate agents are taking full advantage of your open houses. An open house is imperative in selling your home. There are a few things we like to do in preparing for our clients open houses that have proven to be very effective.

how to prepare your SCV home for an open house

Getting to the open house early is key to making sure it is a success. Arriving a few hours early allows us to go around the neighborhood and door knock all the neighbors to let them know about the open house. Informing the neighbors about a house for sale in the neighborhood can be very beneficial. A lot of times, they may have friends or family who have been wanting to move into the neighborhood. We also want them to come see your property and fall in love with it so they talk about it with friends or acquaintances that may be looking to buy. word of mouth marketing is always the best kind of marketing. Our end goal is to get as many people possible to see your property.

Properly Marketing your property on real estate websites such as Zillow or is another important step in making your open house well known. By making sure all of the information provided is accurate and the photographs show the home well, we can be sure to get many buyers interest. Buyers now like to use these websites to look for homes they may be interested in and would like to see at an open house. We like to make sure we display all of our open house times on these websites to get the best attendance of potential buyers.

Open house signs are crucial to the success of a Santa Clarita open house. We use between fifteen to twenty sings displayed in a half a mile radius for each open house we do. We make sure we cover all major streets as well as smaller side streets nearby with open house signs. once again, the more people we can attract to the property, the better success we will have in selling the home.

Social media has been an extremely effective tool in marketing exposure for Santa Clarita real estate. We use many different social media forms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. We even like to throw in an extra open house hash tag to make it easy for people to find. This is a great marketing tool because it allows for your property exposure to go viral. When people see our virtual property tour online, they can tag or share the listing with so many other people.

Taking full advantage of your Santa Clarita home’s open house will be extremely important. It helps to have a real estate agent who is prepared and experienced in this process.