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How does a home owner factor seller closing costs if they’re thinking about about selling their Santa Clarita home?

There are a number of things to consider when selling your home in Santa Clarita and how to calculate closing costs. There are a few items that are considered traditional seller’s fees when in a real estate transaction, although this can vary with different types of markets.  Some of these items include:

  • Home Warranty (this can eliminate seller’s liability if anything were to break in the first year)
  • Title Fees (typically a seller cost, this is the actual process of transferring title from cuurent owner to new buyer)
  • Escrow Fees (this is a mutual 3rd party to ensure than money is held of buyer, in return for the grant deed from seller)
  • HOA Transfer  If applicable the HOA charges for the process of transferring from the current owner to the new buyer, much like the Title)
  • Country &  City Transfer Again much like title and HOA transfer the County (our city SCV does not charge) charges to change ownership
  • Commission-  Both Seller agent and Buyer agent are paid by the seller and is negotiated upfront when taking the listing