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We all know walking is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but how does it affect the overall value of your home? Real estate is as much about the location of a home, as it is the actual structure of the home. assigns walk scores between 0 and 100, based on the walkability of the area, with scores above 70 considered “very walkable.” Scores are based on the proximity of amenities such as schools, restaurants, shops, parks, libraries, public transportation and much more.  Check out your neighborhood’s score bellow or online at


Overall, Santa Clarita only has a walkscore of 34, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t walkable neighborhoods within it’s borders! The 5 top walkable areas in Santa Clarita include Tres Robles with a score of 67, American Beauty with a score of 55, Cheyenne and Bridgeport with a score of 51, and Valencia Central Valley with a score of 50. According to, Valencia is one of Santa Clarita’s most walkable neighborhoods! If you are looking for a lively neighborhood with plenty of walking trails, check out Valencia’s active listings here.  


Of the 543 bars, restaurants and coffee shops in Santa Clarita, an average of 0.4 restaurants, bars and coffee shops are within a 5 minute walking distance to residents. Because of the way Santa Clarita is designed, neighborhoods are made to have low traffic by feeding residential streets into the busier, main streets, away from houses. The bars and restaurants may be out of walking distance, but Santa Clarita also has dozens of parks within reach of homes. Walkability can be very important in determining the value of your home. On average, each walk point could get you between $700 to $3000 more for your home, depending on the market. Walkability is also beneficial to the resident’s quality of life. Residents living in a walkable area tend to connect better with the community, keep weight off, and save money on transportation, which is an American Household’s second largest expense. Check out your homes walkability at