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Here is what you can expect after signing loan documents when buying a Santa Clarita home… 

1. The docs go back to the lender, underwriter, or funder.

When receiving the signed documents, the funder will review them to make sure there are no other funding conditions. This typically takes between twenty-four to seventy-two hours.

2. The loan funds

In Los Angeles County, once the loan has funded, you can record the next day! Recording varies in different counties so please make sure you check for your counties recording procedures.

What is a Recording?

Recording is when all of the documents go down to the County Recorders office and they are recorded for public record and the ownership changes names from the seller to the buyer. Once the property is recorded, it is officially yours!

3. Getting possession

Possession of the property depends on your contract and can vary. Possession can either take place the day you close (record) after 5pm, or, in your contract, you may have allowed the sellers to stay in the property for a certain amount of time (an additional 2 days is common) but this is all negotiated upfront in your purchase agreement.

So the typical timeline you can expect after signing loan documents is three to four days. Something else to consider as well is that not all lenders are created equal and different lenders have different procedures too.