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These questions and others are prevalent when dealing with real estate in Santa Clarita. It invokes a negative connotation in regards to the communities that have a Mello-Roos tax and many homebuyers simply say they do not want to pay this additional tax when purchasing a home. Let’s dissect the questions and see if we can get a better understanding of Mello-Roos in Santa Clarita.

What is a Mello-Roos Tax in Santa Clarita?


A Mello-Roos is a special assessment placed on many of the newer communities in Santa Clarita. It is assessed to the homeowners of the community as a repayment of the bond that was used to fund the framework of the community such as parks, schools & recreation centers. This is an additional tax on top of your property tax (Estimated at 1.25% of home value) as well as any HOA’s in the community, There is always an ending date of the Mello-Roos tax. Whether 7, 10, 15, 30 years or longer, there is an end date for the Mello-Roos bond.  However, the receipient of the funds (ie a school or park) decide at the expiration of the bond if they still require the funds and more often than not the bond continues…so it is better to think of it as forever, rather than it will expire


Where are Mello-Roos Taxes in Santa Clarita?


Mello-Roos are not designated to one particular area, but a lot of the newer construction in Santa Clarita have Mello-Roos attached. Each community is independent of one another so you could have one community with a $300 per month average assessed and the next block could be $0. Many of the newer Valencia areas such as Northbridge or Tesoro De Valle have Mello-Roos, in fact Tesoro does not have a community without the tax assessment. Some of the new developments off of Plum Canyon in Saugus and Canyon Country and Newhall have the tax as well. For a list of neighborhoods with the Mello-Roos assessment and an estimated amount of how much see attached PDF

How much are Mello-Roos Taxes in Santa Clarita?

They can vary from a low of $30 to over $400 depending on the area. Scroll down for attached PDF for a list of known communities.


How do I avoid paying  Mello-Roos Taxes in Santa Clarita?


The only way to avoid paying Mello-Roos taxes is to steer clear of known Mello-Roos communities. Many people will be surprised to know that the assessed tax may not be as high as thought. Take some time to look through the list and if you would like to see homes for sale in respective areas, you can search Santa Clarita homes by community or contact us with any questions. If you know of additional communities with Mello-Roos or notice something that seems incorrect with the list, please let us know via form beneath the PDF